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Sea of Forgetfulness by Lanie Mores

Title: Sea of Forgetfulness

Author: Lanie Mores

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5

Format: Kindle

Sea of Forgetfulness is the third book in the series by the author Lanie Mores. The story starts with Ang’s Selfish sister Ronnie going into labor pain. Everyone was worried whether the baby will be normal? A perfectly healthy baby girl was born. Ang named her niece Daniela after her grandfather Daniel Juris. She was also ready to take the responsibility of her niece if Ronnie refuses to take care of her daughter.

Dani doesn’t like to be around her aunt Ronnie who was actually her real mother. She even doesn’t want to be like Ronnie. Dani has supernatural powers. She wished people to burn and people actually get set on fire. When Dani found out that Ronnie is her mother and Renner Scholz is her father, what gonna happen further. Read this interesting fantasy tale yourself.

Written in an easy to understand language and amazing storyline, this book will not fail to impress you. The storyline is different and it will leave a long lasting impression on you. I am glad that I have read three books in the series till now. Looking forward to read next book from the author. Much curious already.

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