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#ShareTheLoad among family members

When the men of the house start sharing load, life starts getting pretty simple.

In the 21st century, things are not as they used to be in earlier centuries. Women has started stepping out of home to study or work. They are now not just confined to the four walls of their house. When you are a business woman or a working woman and you have to handle all household chores, then it is not easy. But when the men of the house start sharing load, life starts getting pretty simple.

During the lockdown, one great change that I have witnessed in my family members is that everyone have become responsible towards household work and they do it willingly now. Doing household work is now not just the moral responsibility of the mother of the house.

My brother and Dad have taken up the task to wash clothes in a washing machine every alternate day. They fill water in the machine, add 2 scoops of Ariel Detergent Powder and dirty clothes in it. They let it wash for 20 mins. Since it’s a semi-automatic machine, they take the clothes out of machine and dip it in clean water 2-3 times. Then they spread the clothes on terrace so they can dry. In the evening, my Dad iron the clothes and hang them in cupboards. It really amazed my mother because she hadn’t thought that my dad and brother can do anything without taking her help.

By washing clothes with Dad, my brother is getting so much time to spend with him. They keep on talking to each other and discuss so many things for which they normally couldn’t either find time or couldn’t sit together. My brother used to stay busy on his phone and my father used to stay busy in watching television. Now, since both of them are helping mom in household chores, their screen usage timing is also reduced which is very important. It also makes Mom happy as she could feel relaxed due to lesser burden on her now. She could focus more on her business as she gets some bandwidth now. She also find extra time now to follow her passion like doing painting.

My brother and Dad has taken the pledge to continue sharing the load and help Mom in household chores even after the lockdown. Calling each one of you to join this beautiful #ShareTheLoad Movement.

I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda. #ShareTheLaundry #ShareChoresMultiplyLove