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Sentinals Awaken by Helen Garraway

Title: Sentinals Awaken

Author: Helen Garraway

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4/5

Sentinals Awaken is the first book in the Sentinal Series. It is a fantasy novel set in the fictional kingdom of Vespiri. Main character of the story is Jerrol Haven, captain of King’s Rangers.

Three thousand years before, Lady Leyandrii and her sentinals i.e. her personal guards has vanished. When the guards were unable to escape the Veil, they slept inside the tree and are in it since 3000 years. Jerrol when touched the tree, he woke up lady’s one Sentinal Birlerion. As story progresses and Crown Prince wants Jerrol’s execution, Jerrol escaped from the Old Vespers. In Greenswatch, when Lady Leyandrii asked for help, Jerrol has to save Remargaren along with the help of Birlerion and an old friend Jennery.

Jerrol was being followed by a man since he had left Old Vespers. Who this man is? Why he is following Jerrol?

The world building of Vespiri has impressed me. I appreciate author’s vivid imagination in creating this fantasy world. Plot of the story is medium paced. Language of the book is fine and I was able to follow the story easily. Jerrol Haven’s character is nicely penned down and is very interesting. Since the story is Lengthy, so it took me some time to finish this book.

If you love fantasy stories, you couldn’t afford to miss this one. Add it to your TBR right away.