Searching For Sarah by Phillip Vega

Title: Searching For Sarah

Author: Phillip Vega

My Rating: 5/5

Format: Paperback

Tom Ruiz’s world has fallen apart one day when he received a call from unknown number. The caller had called Tom to inform about the demise of his sister Nina Ruiz. Tom drove quickly to Nina’s home. Later, Tom and his wife Gabi travelled to New York and they found Nina’s journal in her things. By reading Nina’s journal, Tom realized how much he didn’t know about his sister. He was shocked to know that Nina was a lesbian and all others in the family knew this truth but him. Tom still has Nina’s ashes. Before putting his sister to rest, he has to search for the love of Nina’s life Sarah.

The way journal entries lead Tom more and more towards his sister’s secrets is amazing to read. All the characters of the story are very interesting. Story is full of twists and turns. It seems like a true story and the descriptions are so strong, while reading the book I felt like I am witnessing everything with my own eyes. A movie based on this novel would be amazing. Phillip has done wonderful job in this book and I am highly impressed with his writing. I like to recommend this book to all my friends. A great story truly.

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