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Amiri’s Birthday Wish by Florenza Denise Lee

Title: Amiri’s Birthday Wish

Author: Florenza Denise Lee

My Rating: 5/5

Format: Kindle

Qotd: How do you celebrate your birthday?

Recently I read an interesting Children’s book “Amiri’s Birthday Present”. Little girl Amiri’s birthday is today. According to the family tradition, she has to select her own birthday gift. Amiri is quite sure that nobody will be able to guess what she wants as a present. One by one everyone gave a try. Read this adorable picture book to find out what Amiri will choose as a present. Is it some soft toy or a barbie?
Cover photo of the book looks perfect and title is apt.
Storytelling skills of Florenza is amazing.
This book will make little readers curious and definitely they will start thinking what they gonna ask as a present on their birthday from their family.
Every family should have this tradition so at least once in a year we will get whatever we want.
Overall, a nice book!

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