The Ghost of Whitmore Manor

Title: The Ghost of Whitmore Manor

Author: Sarah Jayne Harry

My Rating: 4.5/5

Format: Kindle

Genre: Horror

The Ghost of Whitmore Manor is the second book that I have read by the author Sarah. This short story is about a haunted manor. Charlotte is the protagonist of the story. She was given a dare by her friends to spend a night in scary Whitmore manor. Charlotte took the dare and around 8 pm she entered the manor with her overnight bag. It looked beautiful from outside and contemporary from inside. What will happen inside the manor. Find out yourself by reading this story.

This short story took me down the memory lane to my childhood days. One bungalow at the corner of our colony was empty. All of our friends used to call it haunted and we keep on giving dare to each other but nobody had the guts to accept it. Charlotte is a strong protagonist. The way she accepted the challenge given by her friends made me proud of her but has she made a mistake by entering the manor?

I enjoyed every bit of this story. The story is impressive. If you are looking for a short read and interested in paranormal story, this would be a perfect pick. Writing style of Sarah is amazing. Overall presentation of this story is nice. I like to strongly recommend this to my fellow readers.

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