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A booktiful LOVE by Tolu’ A Akinyemi

Title: A booktiful love

Author: Tolu’ A Akinyemi

Genre: Poetry

Format: Ebook

Rating: 4.5/5

A booktiful love is a collection of poems written by the author Tolu’ A Akinyemi. These poems are based on different experiences/feelings that human beings have in their life. Some poems are based on isolation, nostalgia, grief, a booktiful love, lockdown, fairytale, sleep, Divorce, etc.

Love isn’t all about vacationing
in the best holiday destinations.
It’s not about rose petals
laid on immaculately white sheets in a five-star hotel.
Love isn’t flawless, it is imperfect—
Love isn’t the coupling of two perfect characters to
form a booktiful love–a booktiful love story.

These poems are soothing and heart touching. Language of the book is lucid. One can relate to many poems in the book. Narration is smooth and crisp. Poetry lovers will surely enjoy reading this collection of poems.

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