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Inferno Of Silence by Tolu’ A Akinyemi

Title: Inferno Of Silence

Author: Tolu’ A Akinyemi

Genre: Fiction Short Stories

My Rating: 4/5

Format: Kindle

I love reading short stories as I can start and finish some stories on my way to office. Recently, I picked up a collection of short stories by the author Tolu’ A Akinyemi. These stories are intriguing and I found myself enjoying each of the story.

The title story ‘Inferno Of Silence’ is my favourite. This is the story of a Nigerian man who is too tired of his relationship but still trying to make it work. Being a man, he can’t say ‘I’m hurt’ or ‘I feel terrible’ to anyone. He is built to feel no pain. Man are not supposed to cry is what our society follows. Will their relationship work or the baggage will be too heavy  making it impossible to carry it forward?

The stories are clear and smooth. Even though I have read so many stories based on societal issues, marriage issues, etc but this book is different…. different in a good way I mean. I am looking forward to read more work from the author.

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